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Photo Name Title Email
Photo for Hill, Kristin Hill, Kristin Physical Education Teacher
  Hyink, Bria Admissions Director / Elementary Campus Registrar
Photo for Jacob, Janice Jacob, Janice Assistant to Athletic/Facilities Director
  Jacobsen, Meghan Teacher
Photo for James, Cheryl James, Cheryl Teacher
Photo for Johansen, Sydney Johansen, Sydney Teacher
Photo for Johnston, Deborah Johnston, Deborah Teacher
Photo for Johnston, Martha (Marty) Johnston, Martha (Marty) PreK Aide
Photo for Jones, Erin Jones, Erin Kindergarten Aide
Photo for Jones, Kassie Jones, Kassie HR Director / Assistant to the Superintendent
Photo for Jones, Vickie Jones, Vickie Vice Principal
Photo for Kasuba, Jo Kasuba, Jo SAS Coach/ILC Coach
Photo for Kingery, Tonya Kingery, Tonya Instructional Specialist/Teacher
Photo for Koch, Brennan Koch, Brennan Secondary Teacher
Photo for Lancaster, Patti Lancaster, Patti Teacher
Photo for Lauri, Theresa Lauri, Theresa Data Administration Specialist
Photo for Lee, Dawna Lee, Dawna Secondary Teacher
Photo for Lewis, Whitney Lewis, Whitney Secondary Teacher
Photo for Lovin, Angie Lovin, Angie Assistant to Principal and Vice Principal
  Lusk, Kelly Educational Therapist
Photo for McClure, Leigh Ann McClure, Leigh Ann Nurse
Photo for McCormick, Lisa McCormick, Lisa SAS Elementary Director
Photo for McDonald, Kimberlee McDonald, Kimberlee Instructional Aide
Photo for McDowell, Ashley McDowell, Ashley Elementary Teacher
Photo for McMonigal, Carolyn McMonigal, Carolyn Instructional Specialist
Photo for Mick, Garrett Mick, Garrett Teacher
  Miller, Jennifer
Photo for Moehlmann, Melody Moehlmann, Melody Secondary Teacher
Photo for Morgan, Julie Morgan, Julie STEM Coordinator
Photo for Ohana, Jessica Ohana, Jessica Teacher
Photo for Overton, Kristin Overton, Kristin Director of Counseling
Photo for Papac, Mandria Papac, Mandria Secretary
Photo for Pease, Kelli Pease, Kelli Instructional Aide
Photo for Peterson, Laura Peterson, Laura Aide
Photo for Piatt, Jaime Piatt, Jaime Secondary Teacher
Photo for Prettyman, Grayson Prettyman, Grayson Secondary Teacher
Photo for Price, Matthew Price, Matthew Secondary Teacher
Photo for Procedo, Heather Procedo, Heather Aide
  Rablin, Donna
Photo for Reece, Daniel Reece, Daniel Athletic/Facilities Director
Photo for Renfrow, Karla Renfrow, Karla Teacher
Photo for Risinger, Miranda Risinger, Miranda Teacher
Photo for Risser, Connie Risser, Connie Director of Learning Services
  Risser, Sarah
Photo for Ritchie, Kyna Ritchie, Kyna Marketing Specialist
Photo for Romine, Stephanie Romine, Stephanie Secondary Teacher
Photo for Sacht, Ashleigh Sacht, Ashleigh Teacher
Photo for Sangster, Kim Sangster, Kim Extended Care Director & Playground Supervisor
Photo for Sather, Karen Sather, Karen Teacher
Photo for Schimanski, Judy Schimanski, Judy Instructional Aide
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