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Scrip Program Overview and Instructions

The CVCS Scrip Program is designed to capture funds already being spent by CVCS families and friends in order fo raise money for our school and provide a means of lowering tuition costs for our families.

  • When you purchase Scrip cards through CVCS, you are purchasing prepaid cards and gift certificates that are used just like cash for everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing, and other essentials at hundreds of businesses, many of which you shop at on a regular basis. CVCS earns anywhere from 2-25% profit from the purchase of Scrip cards. For instance, when we purchase a $100 card to Fred Meyer for $100, Fred Meyer charges the school $95 for that card and the $5 profit goes back to our school.
  • When a family's Scrip purchases generate a minimum profit of $20, we give them 50% of the profit earned in the form of tuition credit. In March, August, and November, each family who has earned tuition credit receives a letter stating the amount of credit which they may deduct from the next tuition payment, or they may choose to return the profit to CVCS.
  • Scrip benefits families two ways: 50% of profits are credited back for tuition, and because our school receives funds we can keep tuition costs lower. With every purchase, you can earn tuition credit and revenue for our school! Even grandparents, relatives and friends can help with tuition and support CVCS by purchasing Scrip cards online from anywhere!
  • TUITION CREDITS are calculated in August, November and March of each school year. Those who have met the minimum of $20 in earnings will receive a letter stating the amount they have earned and the 50% that is available to them to claim toward their tuition.


1. You must first register on

This is the system used to track your purchases and therefore your tuition credit. *Email for the Cole Valley Christian Schools Enrollment Code.*


2.  If you are purchasing Scrip to benefit another family, designate the family name in your profile.  

3.  Complete and send in a Scrip Registration Form for our records and so we can serve you well.

Scrip cards for over 80 restaurants and retailers are available for purchase in the office at the Elementary or Secondary campus. 

  • We will enter these purchases for you on the Shop with Scrip system and you will receive credit.

On-Hand Inventory List    Full list of Scrip options in our area

Local and School Family Scrip   

Several local and school family businesses also participate in Scrip! Please consider adding your business to the list and partnering with CVCS in the Tuition Credit Program. for more information.


Online Scrip orders will be compiled and released weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Thursdays unless there is no school at the Secondary Campus. (If you order ScripNow and pay with Presto Pay you can get your Scrip anytime--see below for information on ScripNow and Presto Pay.)
There will be no Scrip order on the following dates during the 2016-2017 school year:  March 23 and 30, April 13. 

Scrip Tips for Earning More 

Scrip Ordering Instructions

FOR PHYSICAL GIFT CARDS:   * Visit the office at the Elementary or Secondary campus anytime during office hours and select from over 80 gift card options. Pay with cash or check and take them home with you charged and ready to spend or give.

OR go to and choose from hundreds of local and national options. Here are the steps:

1.  If you have not created a account, To do so, email now for the CVCS Enrollment Code. Complete and send in a Scrip Registration Form so we can serve you better.

2.  When shopping on the website for gift cards, hover your mouse over any business logo to see the Scrip options for that vendor, click on the picture of a physical gift card, and choose your denomination and quantity.

3.  Check out, and you will only be able to select to pay by check unless you sign up for Presto Pay, which takes 2 to 3 business days. Then you can pay online, but not for orders you have already created. Those will require cash or check payment, or we can cancel the order(s) and you can reorder.  No debit or credit cards are accepted for payment for Scrip.

4.   If paying by check, print your order receipt and attach your check and send in to school before Thursday at noon.

5.   All orders for physical gift cards are released on Thursdays, unless there is no order that week due to days off of school. Scrip order days are listed on the Tandem Calendar. Scrip orders are received at school on the following Tuesday and are ready for pick up or to be sent home, depending on your indication on your Scrip Registration Form.


FOR ELECTRONIC SCRIP IMMEDIATELY (SCRIPNOW):  There are two ways to order electronic ScripNow:  on your computer or on your phone.

You must first create an account on Email for the CVCS Enrollment Code. Complete and send in a Scrip Registration Form so we can serve you better.

Sign up for Presto Pay, a secure online payment system attached to your checking account which takes 2 to 3 business days to set up.  **No debit or credit cards are accepted for Scrip payment.  ScripNow orders will not be released without payment.

To order electronic ScripNow on your phone:

1.  Open your web browser and go to Scroll down and select "add to homepage".  You will then see a My Scrip Wallet icon on your phone.

2.  Tap the icon and sign in using the same credentials for the account you created on

3.  Tap 'Order' and select the electronic Scrip brand you want. Then choose the dollar amount in available increments.

4.  When you've made your selections, click “Cart”. Check out using Presto Pay and the pin you created.

5.  Your ScripNow will show up under "Wallet" within a minute or two.

6.   You are ready to redeem your code or barcode.

Example: Sitting at Chili's, your bill comes, you sign on to My Scrip Wallet on your phone, choose Chili's in increments of $10, add to cart, check out from your cart, pay with Presto Pay, and within a moment, your Chili's ScripNow! appears in your Wallet. You open up your Chili's and show the code to your server, who redeems it on their register like a gift card. Now you just earned 11% on your Chili's visit, without having to come in to school to buy plastic Chili's gift cards ahead of time. The balance remaining, if any, is left in your Scrip Wallet for later use. 

To order electronic ScripNow on your computer:

1.   Sign into your account.

2..  Hover your mouse over the name of the vendor to see the available Scrip options for that vendor and select the red exclamation point for ScripNow.

3.   Choose the dollar amount in the available increments.

4.   When you check out, you must pay with Presto Pay in order to receive your electronic ScripNow within minutes. You’re done!

5.   If you have not previously set up Presto Pay, you only have the option to pay by check.  **No debit or credit cards are accepted for Scrip payment.

6.   Print your order receipt, attach your check, and send in to school by Thursday at noon.  All orders paid by check are released on Thursdays unless there is no order due to days off of school. Scrip order dates are listed on the Tandem Calendar.

7.  If payment is received by Thursday noon, your electronic ScripNow is available in your account as soon as the orders are released on Thursday afternoon.


1.  The card must have been originally purchased from our program.

2.  Either on or on My Scrip Wallet, select Reload for the card you want to reload.

3.  Register the card number.

4.  Select the amount you want to load on to your card.

5.  If you pay with Presto Pay, your reload funds should be available immediately but sometimes takes up to 24 hours.

6.   If you select to pay by check, print your order receipt, attach your check, and send it into school by Thursday at noon. All orders paid by check are released on Thursdays, unless there is no order that week due to days off of school. Scrip order days are listed on the Tandem Calendar. Once released, your reload funds will be available within 24 hours. If payment is not received, your reload funds will not be released. 

Check out these helpful links and videos:       


For questions and help, contact Scrip Coordinator Sammy Harris at or at the CVCS Secondary Campus (208) 947-1212






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