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Joshua Institute

The Joshua Institute (JI) is our third campus and provides a non-traditional and different learning environment for those students who need it.  Joshua Institute is a unique academic offering that is being discovered by families from around the nation as a solution for students to help them learn to love school.

3rd through 12th grades have a full day classroom program that provides a low student-to-teacher ratio, focuses on providing multi-sensory learning for students, and includes interventions and remediation where students need it most.  Our primary focus is on each student's strengths,  rather than their weaknesses.  The Bible tells us that we are "transformed by the renewing of our minds" (Romans 12:2).  


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Students are transformed as they explore learning from the perspective of how God has given them unique strengths.  
Students are eligible to participate in Athletics, Choir, Band, and other selected electives with Cole Valley, giving them the best of both a small and non-traditional learning environment, with all the benefits that come from a larger school.  As students thrive in their strengths, they learn to like and even love school.

In addition to the classroom option, Joshua Institute (JI) also provides learning services to students who attend other schools.  These customized services are provided by trained Educational Coaches.  


Joshua Institute Beginnings:


Joshua Institute Academy: serving 3rd - 12th Grade Students in a non-traditional full day classroom setting.

Joshua Institute was formally known as the Idaho Learning Center and Academy. 

To learn more and see photos of current students in action in the past, click the photos below to visit the ILC's website & Facebook page:

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