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Elementary Campus Counseling Office

CVCS sees the importance of helping their students develop socially and relationally.  Therefore the school counselor, Mrs. Jennie Hazen, is available to teach effective strategies for children that need this shepherding.  Weekly group meetings are scheduled throughout the school year for children who need that extra boost of confidence.  Some of the groups offered are as follows:  

  • Facing Your Fears
  • Growing Through Changes
  • Living in Your Family 
  • Dealing With Loss
  • Divorce Group
  • Friendship Groups for Kindergartners

She is also available to visit one-on-one with children on a limited basis.   Parents may request that their child participate in one of these groups by contacting Mrs. Hazen.

Mrs. Hazen will also make a few visits to each classroom throughout the year speaking to children on age appropriate topics such as safety, friendship issues, and drug and alcohol education.

Jennie Hazen, LCPC
Certified School Counselor
Phone:  (208) 947-1212, Elementary Campus

Secondary Campus Guidance Office

Counseling services at Cole Valley Christian Schools are designed to challenge and support the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students. 

School Counselors are specially trained to help students realize their fullest potential. Our school counselors provide support for students through classroom guidance lessons, group counseling sessions, individual counseling, consultation with parents and teachers, and they provide referrals to community resources.

High School Code (CEEB Code): 130045

  • Secondary Campus Counseling Appointments
  • Students may stop by their counselor's office to see the counselor or leave a note requesting an appointment.
  • Students and parents may call or email the counselor to request an appointment.
Chris Graham, MS, LPC
High School Counselor
Phone: 208-947-1212,  Secondary Campus