Cole Valley School

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Graduation Requirements

8 credits                     English/Literature

8 credits                     Math

6 credits                     Science

5 credits                     History

2 credits                     American Government

1 credit                       Economics

1 credit                       Health

1 credit                       Speech

1 credit                       Career Development

2 credits                     PE

2-8 credits *               Bible*

7 credits                     Electives

50 credits                   Total


1 credit is earned each semester for each course successfully completed.

Students must have a minimum Core GPA of 2.0 and pass all core classes with a D- or better.

Four years of math and science are strongly recommended (and are required for admission to many colleges.)

Math is required to be taken by all students during 12th grade.

Two or more years of the same foreign language are strongly recommended and are required for admission to many colleges.  Three years are required by some highly competitive colleges.

*Bible credits are required for each semester in attendance at CVCS.







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