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Idaho Learning Center

Connie Risser, ILC Director

Cole Valley Christian Schools is passionate about shepherding and challenging students of all learning abilities to reach their fullest potential in the Lord.  Some students need more significant services and support to help them overcome learning differences or disabilities, and may even need a school environment of smaller class sizes with comprehensive intervention.

Cole Valley is excited to partner with the Idaho Learning Center (ILC) to provide Educational Therapy and services for students with diagnosed Learning Disabilities, as well as to provide families with an alternative to the traditional classroom for students who need a school environment that has been designed specifically for students with learning difficulties.

The Idaho Learning Center provides:

  • Formal Testing Services using the Woodcock-Johnson.
  • Educational Therapy: intervention to retrain the brain and address the root cause of learning difficulties.
  • Idaho Learning Center Academy:  A school for those students who need an alternative/smaller environment.

Different than many learning centers and educational therapy providers, the partnership between Cole Valley Christian and the Idaho Learning Center integrates the services and therapy that is best for each student into their daily education with customized plans for integrating curriculum, a strong teacher/therapist relationship, and a unified, holistic approach to helping students succeed in school and in life.  We believe together that students are “transformed by the renewing of their mind” (Romans 12:2).

Cole Valley Christian Schools and our Student Academic Support services are fully integrated with Idaho Learning Center services to provide a unified and comprehensive approach to help each student achieve their fullest potential in the Lord.

For more information about the Idaho Learning Center, please click the link below to visit the ILC website or listen in as the principal shares the unique educational model available for students at the Academy.

Idaho Learning Center

Idaho Learning Center Acadamy Preview 

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