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Student Academic Support

Our purpose at CVCS is that "we exist to serve Jesus Christ by developing the whole person to impact the world for Him." With this purpose in mind, we seek to teach and assist both the traditional and non-traditional learner.

The Student Academic Support (SAS) program services students in grades 3 through 12 for close monitoring of Education Plans, necessary accommodations or modifications, and academic intervention.  Listen in as the director explains the many options available to support your student to fill gaps, help with executive functions, or even challenge beyond their grade level.  

Eligibility Guidelines for SAS program:

  • Students receiving SAS services must have had formal evaluations in cognitive and academic achievement.
  • Students must have a diagnosed disability and/or significant deficits indicated on formal evaluations.

Documents required before services determined:

  • Previous IEP, 504, or educational/behavioral plan
  • Copies of all formal evaluations (i.e., WISC-IV, Woodcock Johnson Cognitivie and Achievement, etc.) administered by neuropsychologists, educational psychologists, or other testing agencies

SAS Process

Based on report summary of formal evaluations, a Cole Valley Education Plan is designed and tailored to address the student's individual needs such as student goals, measurements, necessary accommodations and/or modifications, and/or intervention methods.  According to individual needs and intervention necessary for success, an Instructional Specialist or educational therapist will be assigned to the student to monitor the student and execute the Education Plan and support services.  An initial consult meeting is required before a student with special needs and/or diagnosed disability is accepted into CVCS and the SAS program. 

Please fill out the "Authorization to Exchange Information" form (under Forms at the left), bring copies of formal evaluations or reports documenting diagnosed disability, and additional educational records to the consult meeting.

If your student has not been formally evaluated, please fill out the CVCS Testing application (under Forms at the left) to have your student formally evaluated.  Click on the link at the left under Testing regarding more information about the Woodcock Johnson formal evaluations.

If you have any questions or need further information here, please feel free to contact us.

Together with Him,

Lisa McCormick                          

Becky Folk                          

SAS Director, Elementary Campus SAS Director, Secondary Campus
208-947-1212 208-947-1212


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