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How do CVCS' scores compare to other schools?  

As a matter of principle, we have not widely promoted our outstanding results for several reasons. 

  • One, we are striving to reach the fullest potential of each child.  Since the fullest potential of our school averages are a function of the potential of the students who are in our school, we don’t want to put so much emphasis on test results that we become selective of who we enroll based on their ability to get high marks on tests. 
  • Two, comparisons of our test scores to other schools are not necessarily an “apples to apples” comparison.  At Cole Valley Christian, we test all our students, including those with limited English proficiencies or learning challenges and we include those scores in our data. 
  • For college entrance exams, like the SAT and ACT, the vast majority of Cole Valley students take at least one of these tests.  The percentage of students in public schools who choose to take college entrance exams is much lower.  Therefore, while the public school average is generally the based on the top students of each class, at CVCS it is an average of the entire class. 

With these differences explained, we think you will find that our test results speak for themselves in the academic preparedness of our students.  While these results are very good, we are a school that strives for continuous improvement.  Therefore, we put a significant focus on using these assessment tools to inform our instruction for each individual child.  We are constantly correlating our test results with upgrading and improving our curriculum and instruction to best prepare our students for their future success.

Along with good test results, we have consistently had at least one student each year recognized as a National Merit Scholar Finalist.  These are students who rank among the top 1% of the nation’s students.


2016 - 2017 Standardized Test Score Summaries: 



Click the image below to view more specific results listed on our High School Profile 2015-2016:

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