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Joshua Institute (Grades 3-12)

Providing a Personalized Learning Environment

Joshua Institute encourages students who learn differently to reach their fullest potential by providing a highly effective approach to education and remediation.  Dyslexia and other language-based learning differences hinder the success of many smart students.  In fact, 1 in every 10 students will suffer from a difficulty that can seriously hinder the learning process.  Joshua Institute provides an individualized approach to the needs of the student by using highly effective interventions along with the support of a powerful mentoring approach. 

Joshua Institute provides highly effective educational therapy and support for students of all ages by building confidence and competence where they struggle to learn.

Students receive intervention during or after school at least twice a week.  Our educational therapists provide advocacy and case management as necessary to help cement the student's growth.

We have a school for students in grades 3-12 with dyslexia and other diagnosed learning differences.  Our small class sizes (8-10) and individualized plans improves each student's area(s) of weakness while developing his/her strengths.  Joshua Institute equips students with tools for success in learning and in life with the goal of preparing students for college and beyond.

Joshua Institute also provides services for students in public schools.  Contact us to learn about these services. 

For more information, visit the Joshua Institute's website at, or call them at 208/893-5130.

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