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Paying Tuition & Incidentals

2019/2020 Tuition & Incidental Billing Account

FACTS Tuition Management is managing our tuition and incidental billing payments.  

To find your tuition information or information about incidental billing for the 2019/2020 school year, you can log into
your account through ParentsWeb:
  • Log into your ParentsWeb account

  • Click on FINANCIAL on the left menu
    • This screen will give you all highlighted details of your financial account (including where to add funds for the Secondary student lunch accounts). 
    • Click on the designated links for more details or to make additional payments.
  • Go to FINANCIAL HOME by clicking either of these places
    • Under FINANCIAL LINKS – Select FINANCIAL HOME in the far right box


Clicking on FINANCIAL HOME will take you to your FACTS account where you can see details on billing, payments, etc.

  • Submit additional tuition payments or change your banking information
  • Make additional payments
  • See your incidental billing balance and transaction history under Incidental expenses
  • Set up Auto Payment for Incidental Billing (for payment to draft on the due date – 15th of the month)
  • Add lunch money for the Secondary campus under Prepay Accounts.



This payment plan will include the Capital Improvement Fee ($400), annual student fees ($250), and tuition.  If your
student has extra billing for Student Academic Services (SAS), it will also appear here.  The other 2 items that might
appear here if applicable are Tuition Reduction Fund payments or Prior year billing balances rolled forward from SMART
Tuition from June.


Invoices will automatically be sent on the 5th of the month and be due on the 15th of the month.  They will include
items added in the previous month such as:
  • Retreat/Trip fees
  • Sport Fees
  • Creative Art Fees (Band, Colorguard, etc)
  • Extended Care
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Booster Club Membership Purchases (Athletic & Arts)
  • Other miscellaneous items
You can set up auto payments on your incidental billing so that payment automatically drafts on the 15th of the month
for you.  You are able to use the same account tuition is drafting from or a different one that you set up.
Questions on 2019/2020 Billing?  Contact Denise Jordan at 

Video - Accessing Your Financial Account:

For a video demonstration of accessing your financial account through ParentsWeb, CLICK HERE.

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