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CVCS Scrip Program – Temporary Changes

Updated 10/28/2020

We would like to continue to provide our families with the opportunity to purchase SCRIP. At this time, the best way to purchase SCRIP is to order online. We are limiting the ability of people to “browse” through our inventory box. You can still order all of the physical gift cards that we offer in our inventory box, including Fred Meyer!

If you already have an account with ShopWithScrip ( , you are ready to go! If not, you will need to set up an account. You can find instructions on how to set up an account on our website at Scrip How To’s – Scrip Ordering Instructions ( .

We are returning to our previous ordering schedule. Orders placed and paid for by Wednesday night will be processed the next day. Those orders will be ready to be picked up or delivered to your student at either Campus on Tuesday of the following week. You can find our Scrip Ordering Schedule ( on our website. (Please note: We have no control over shipping or supplier delays. We will notify you ASAP if there are any delays in your order.)

This is a great opportunity to learn about ScripNow! What is ScripNow!? It’s the electronic version of SCRIP. You can purchase gift cards in a matter of minutes that are delivered to your phone or an email. These gift cards can be used immediately. No need to come pick up a physical card. There are a lot of you that have been taking advantage of this option over the last few weeks! It would be great to teach others how to do the same. You can learn more on our website at Scrip How To’s – ScripNow! Electronic Scrip ( or contact Jennifer Miller at with any questions or concerns.