Testimonials From International Students

Jeong Yup Lee

-Experience in CVCS-

My name is Jeong Yup Lee, and I’m from South Korea. I came to America last year and I was 7th grader. And now, I came here again and I’m 8th grader. When I was 7th grader, I met some friend. And I thought they are too young because I was 16 years old in South Korea. But they were very good at any sport and they were so kind to me even though I could not speak English very well. And every teachers in CVCS, they are so kind and give chance to get good grade. And I feel like CVCS teachers are our friend because they always smile to us and encourage us and join us at lunch time.

I like CVCS and I want to graduate with my friends.

-Relationship with host family-

First time, it was very uncomfortable to stay in this house. It was hard to go up stair to get some food because it was hard to talk with American. I thought I have to speak perfectly. But I realized it really doesn’t matter. They can understand what we are trying to say. Willing to help me in any way they can. And I like my host brother. He is better than my Korean brother. My host mom and dad is caring me like their own son and I feel like I’m part of the family.  I like my host family and I think I’m so blessed to live in this home as a family member.




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Korean Refugee

-My Experience at Cole Valley- 

1. Experience with students:

When I came to Cole Valley, I walked through the whole-way, the students of this school were smiling. It was impact. So I felt familiar from then from that time.    

Oh, I rememnber a moment, there is a girl, her name is Katia who is 11 grade. I don't know her last name, but I really love her. She gave to me a letter about me that I am sweet and God bless you, etc. She also teached me to know God and showed me about what is God's love and grace. There is another girls, Emily and Amy. I really love them. They took me to track practice place and school and my home every day. Even I can't explain about them. How they are so sweet and how they have beautiful hearts. I want to become their friend.

2. My experience with other students:

I have a few stories about this topic. I started to run forever. 3 months ago when I started, my breath goes down, my legs were shaking. So I said, "I can't do it. I need rest." But my friend said, "Ellie, you can do it. You already ran one lap, stand up and hold my hand." She thought differently than me. She said, "Go, Ellie. Good job, Ellie" during the running. Even I was almost last. Anyway, they think better idea, better than me. I was surprized at that time. Now, I am trying to get like their mind.

3. My experience with Cole Valley teachers:

How can I explain about all of the teachers?

Fisrt, Mrs. Chang. I still remember about her that I saw her first on the computer. She was like beautiful. teacher and amazing teacher. Because she is over 60. But she still teaches to the students her knowledge and the Bible. To me! She was turning point that I changed my mind. "I can work like her, like strongly, and Gently. Until I become a grandmother." She is so amazing still now. To me.

Mr. Carr. I love his smile. Even now I am smiling that I am imagining his face. His voice, his smile, and his talking, everything makes me full and happy.

Mr. Touchstone. He is great teacher and funny most of the time. Sometimes I felt he is great Dad that he takes care his children after school. Also, his children waiting him until he done. That looks good. I want to be like their family.

Mrs. Moehlmann. She is so sweet. She is great speaker. I love her so much. She is one of my favorite.

4. My experience with my host family:

Yeah. My sweet family. They take care of me. I live in their house for almost 9 months. I never felt about my real family and I never had dinner with original family before. The reason is we lived in different place. I was in the school and they were in the home. But my host family made me lovely and softly. All the time. I can't imagine without them. I love them so so so much and I know they love me too.


Tung Nguyen


-My Experience at Cole Valley Christian School-

1. My experience about CVCS (whole way)

Well, I'm so glad to get back and finish the years of sophomore. It's very significant year, to study more about God's life. First-able, I want to talk about class's period, I got totally over 90 persent for periods, also I had to work hard to get their credit, paying attention for that much and even the completely homework and assignment on time. Second-able, I would  like to thank you God to give me the opportunity to study in CVCS. I did have felt that how muuch the teacher took care of me and carried on me for whole class. And more important things in block day (thursday) we are suppose to be chapel for every week, the fact for chapel are worship song, explanation about the Lord by some of pastor, that would be really helpful to know more experience about God, because the purposes of CVCS is preparing generation in Christ and I'm so proud of myself be I'm one in Christ. ☺

2. My experience with the other student:

In my own country, student in school, would be teasing or just bullying but when I came through there, they weren't happened. The students in CVCS were really friendly even kind, easy to make a friend, and they don't have any unrespectable to me, (I'm the international student). They are all ready to help and talk to me again, if I didn't understand for the lesson, and I am so happy to be a fellowship, to make sure that the friendship are all close because we are all the younger Christian.

3. My experience with CVCS's teacher:

I can't stop saying thank you to every teacher in CVCS. There were a lot of difficult time to learn that difference culture, and different language. However, the teacher in CVCS helped us so much, to finish the homework and complete the question on test. They always took care of us and carried on us very close, they all shared in to be friend each other, not be teacher to each other, anyway, I'm so happy to learn experience from them.

4. My experience with host family:

This is my second years to be in their home. My host father (Tran) was like a funny man, he always make the family laughing, so there were 2 kids in my host family, sometime they're so anoying, but they were teaching me alot about English skill, but right now, I have teach them how to do best on math. 


Ali Qian


-My Experience in Cole Valley-

1. Experience with Cole Valley:

This was a great year for me, I have lots of friends from different groups, and I hang out with some of them. They are really nice to me, and I love them very much. I was just great to have a good relationship wiht them. I try out for basketball but I got cut so I didn't make it (because I am not as good as they are).

2. My experience with other students:

I had a lot of friend this year, different than last year, last year was pretty rough for me. Because I don't really know how to be friend with them, and the main reason is how I talk.

3. My experience wiht Cole Valley teachers:

All of the teachers are great. My favorite is Mrs. Morgan. She is such a great teacher, she is really fun to talk to and she really teaches us things.