National Honor Society

The following is the criteria necessary to be selected for membership in The Vanguard Chapter of The National Honor Society at Cole Valley Christian High School:

1.    Students must be at the end of their sophomore year, a junior, or a senior.
2.    A 3.5 or higher accumulated grade point average.
3.    Written recommendation from 4 teachers.
4.    Upon recommendation, a completed NHS application.  

A written teacher recommendation will occur if a teacher witnesses at least 8 of the 11 character traits in a student during class time, in the hall, and/or at school activities .

Character Traits  
1.    Demonstrates initiative in serving others.
2.    Shows powers of concentration.
3.    Positive influence on peers in class, hall, and in commons/gym area.
4.    Dependable in any responsibility.
5.    Promotes school ideals and obeys school rules.
6.    Accepts criticism and seeks to improve.
7.    Responds positively to correction.
8.    Shows courtesy and respect to others.
9.    Shows self-control; performs well even under pressure.
10.  Maintains the highest standards of integrity.
11.  Willing to do whatever asked-without complaints.
Once selected in the Spring, all members will be required to maintain a 3.5+ GPA, attend monthly lunch meetings, participate in NHS sponsored service projects, and fulfill 15 hours of summer service, in addition to the 10 hours of service required per semester.