Idaho Learning Center


The Idaho Learning Center (ILC) is the third campus for Cole Valley Christian that complements our offering and allows families with students who have a variety of learning styles and ability to all be part of the Charger family.

To provide the education services that the ILC provides requires a very low student-to-adult ratio, and is, therefore, expensive. Though the value is extremely high, providing access to the ILC services for struggling learners requires support beyond tuition and fees.

Click here to learn more about the significant tax benefits of donating to the Idaho Learning Center through your gift to Cole Valley Christian Schools. 

Idaho Tax Benefit for Educational Donations

To donate to this fund, fill in the form below and select "ILC" in the Designate your Donation drop down menu.

Your gift will provide assistance for families who need it to receive the services that are critical for their student's success. What a difference you will make for the family and the child. 

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