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Charger Bridge - Summer Program 2021

For students 3 years old (as of June 1st) through students entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2021.  (Must be potty-trained.)    

Registration for Charger Bridge & Charger Adventures is now CLOSED.   

Required Initially:

  • Parents must complete an online Registration Form and pay the registration fee before filling out the calendar

Required Ongoing:

  • You must complete the online calendar for each month showing what days the student will be in Charger Bridge before the month starts. 

Registration fee: $45.00 per student (includes CVCS staff kids). Due by April 30th.

Late Registrations for CVCS families - please call the business office. 

Program Rates:

  • Full Day (Over 5 hours):                   $30/a day.
  • Half Day (under 5 hours):                 $25/a day.
  • No show/No call:                             $30/a day.

Hours: 7:30am - 6:00pm

Contact Information
Elementary School Office: (208)-947-1212 
Extension for Summer Enrichment classroom: ext. 4130
Director:  Brandy Wingard
Email address: 

Accepted Ages 
Early Childhood’s Charger Bridge Summer Enrichment Program accepts students 3-year old’s (must be 3 by June 1st) thru students entering Kindergarten in the fall.  All students must be potty trained.  

Late Fees 
Charger Bridge will be implementing a late charge policy.  A late fee will incur for those students not picked up by 6:00 p.m.  The fee is $5.00 for every 10 minutes after 6:00 p.m. along with the normal rate. This will be added to your monthly invoice. 

A.M./ P.M. Snacks and Lunch
Please send your child’s morning snack in a Ziplock or reusable snack bag, with student’s name printed clearly on the bag. Morning snacks and water bottles will be placed in the Snack shelf and bin on your way into the classroom. Lunch and afternoon snack can stay in your student’s lunch box.  We are happy to help heating lunches, we ask that it take no longer than 3 minutes to heat.  Please label all student’s belonging. 

While sending cookies and candy with student’s lunches seems like a fun idea, we’d appreciate of you would save these treats for home. 

Students will need to bring the appropriate bedding. We prefer a style of bedding the students can manipulate themselves. Below is the link to the style of bedding that we encourage, which is a one-piece roll-up sleeping mats with blanket, and pillow attached.  


Important Notices/Communication 
You will receive an activity calendar each month that will inform you of special activities for the month.  The Electronic Charger Bridge News will be emailed each week, so you can be prepared for each upcoming event.  This is our main communication, so it is important to check your activity calendar and read the Charger Bridge News each week!

Toys from home   
We ask that students do not bring toys. We will allow students to bring stuffed animals from home to be used during rest time. 

The purpose of discipline is for growth (Hebrews 12:11). 
We desire to develop the whole person for the glory of God. 

While enrolled at Charger Bridge, all students are expected to exhibit the qualities of a Christ-like life supported and taught by the school and to refrain from certain activities or behaviors. 

      ➢    Obedience
      ➢    Honesty
      ➢    Kind words
      ➢    Respect others and their property.
      ➢    We look for, saying “please”, “thank you”, eye contact, responding appropriately to staff when called, etc.

Behavior Policy:
Most classroom behaviors will be handled by the teacher. If an inappropriate behavior continues, the director will contact the parents. A plan of action, in partnership with the parents, will be implemented with the goal of helping the student respond in an appropriate manner. More serious behavior will be handled by the administration. Any student whose consistent conduct or attitude demonstrates a continuing opposition to the basic principles, may be asked to withdraw from the CVCS Charger Bridge Summer Enrichment Program. 

Illness Policy/Medications:
All Students must be fever, vomit and diarrhea free for 24 hours before retuning to Charger Bridge. Please do not use Tylenol or other fever reducing medications to reduce your student’s fever for the day and attend Charger Bridge.

If your student needs medication during program hours, we need to put together a treatment plan. We will administer the medication, per parent or doctor’s written instructions.  

Registration for Summer 2021 

Current CVCS Families

  • Bridge Registration Form & Fee Payment - CVCS

Any of the links below to sign up for days will be null and void if registration packet with fee and monthly paper calendars with payment are not turned in. 

Charger Bridge Day Reservation

Please click the appropriate month below to sign up for or cancel specific days each month.