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Student Community Outreach


On the 3rd Monday of every month from 4:15-7:00 p.m.  

We serve food to folks, lead worship, and teach chapel. Come join us! 

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Join us for the  Backpack Program at the Meridian Food Bank.                                                                                        We volunteer once a month right after school for an hour.

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Sept 12, Oct 17, Nov 14, Dec 12, Jan 9

Feb 6, March 18, April 2, May 7 

































ATTEND THE VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION MEETING AT THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB ON                                                                                              WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21ST  AT THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB, LOCATED AT PINE AND MERIDIAN FROM                                                                         3:30 TO 4:00.  MEET ON THE  FRONT STEPS OF CVCS at 3:20 TO WALK THERE TOGETHER.   
Another orientation meeting will be scheduled in November.                                                                                                                   Contact Melody Moehlmann for more information:  

Rake Up Meridian with Cole Valley! Saturday,

November 16th, 9:00 a.m.-noon (approx.)


We will rake yards within walking distance from school.  Please meet in CVCS parking lot (east side of main bldg)                                                                            at 9:00 in the morning with your rake and gloves.  The plan is to finish by noon.






Do you like to make fleece blankets (or quilts, afghans or other blankets)???

If so, you can use the hours it takes to make a blanket and apply the hours toward your community service hours         while blessing a family at the same time!


What is Quilts of Comfort?? 

Quilts of Comfort is a program at Boise and Nampa’s Saint Alphonsus Hospitals that provides blankets to families who suddenly find themselves at the hospital bedside of a loved one, unprepared to spend the night.  Blankets are also given to patients who need a little extra comfort in their medical situation. 


How does Quilts of Comfort work?

Individuals make blankets and then can contact me (Valerie Tucker) to pick them up (ie. at the school), they can be brought to Cole Community Church or taken directly to the Volunteer Services Office at the Boise or Nampa Saint Alphonsus Hospitals. A note expressing comfort is attached to the blanket and they are then placed in a plastic bag and tied with a ribbon to be presented as a gift to the recipient. 


FREE FLEECE (or other blanket materials)!!!

 Quilts of Comfort has just received a grant from the Saint Alphonsus Auxiliary where I will be receiving money each month with which I can reimburse any costs for fleece or other blanket materials.  You just need to make the purchase and then submit the receipt (I need to have that) to me along with blanket(s) and I will reimburse you.  This is available for anyone!!!  For more information, contact me at 884-8908 (landline—no texting!) or  


How did Quilts of Comfort start??

In July of 2009, my husband suddenly ended up in ICU at Boise’s Saint Al’s.  Dressed in shorts, a summer top and sandals, I found myself very cold in the middle of the night in his room.  All the nurses could give me to keep me warm were heated flannel sheets.  By the end of the night, I had four of them wrapped around me!  The next day, after telling some visiting friends how cold I’d been, one of them returned with a homemade quilt that she had just made.  That quilt gave me physical and emotional comfort for the remaining six weeks my husband was in the hospital.  Following his hospital stay, God gave me the vision and dream to provide homemade blankets to families who are suddenly staying overnight at the hospital due to a medical emergency.  Since the program started in 2011, Quilts of Comfort has given close to 1000 blankets to families and patients at both of the Saint Alphonsus hospitals.  Glory to God for making this dream come true!  - Valerie  

Valerie Tucker

Children’s Pastor, Cole Community Church or 884-8908 (home)


















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