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@ Cole Valley Christian Schools

     Program Overview

iBringIT is a program at Cole Valley Christian Schools where high school students bring their own computer device to school.  It is part of a broader program of strategically integrating computers as tools that supplement and support student learning and provide access to instructional content through our Learning Management System (LMS).  Our technology initiative is designed to provide an enriched technology environment which maximizes student learning opportunities.  We call our LMS iLearnIT which provides a place where instructional content and tools are organized and accessed by students and parents. 

     What Does Your Student Need?

All high school students (9th-12th grades) are required to bring a personal computing device to class. 

  • Procure a device that meets the minimum specifications (link to FAQs)
  • Bring device to the first day of school
    • Label device and power cord

     How Will This Benefit Your Student's Learning?

At Cole Valley Christian, we are constantly striving to improve how we deliver on our Mission.  Here are a few ways that we feel this program helps us accomplish our Mission:

  • Expand the tools available to our teachers for enhancing and differentiating instruction to students, helping to “shepherd and challenge each student to reach their potential”.
  • Research has shown that integrating technology into the classroom strategically in support of instruction (not in place of it), enhances the engagement and learning of students.
  • Prepare students for the digital world they are entering into, whether college or the workplace.
  • The age of the internet has radically changed education as massive amounts of information are available to students.  Students (and also adults) are now at the center of their own learning.  As we prepare students for their next step, it is important to help them learn how to sift through the information with discernment and how to apply that information productively.
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