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Winter Weather Procedures

This memo outlines our winter weather procedures. We do try to take everyone’s situation into account in these decisions, with safety as the primary factor.

School Closure

  • We follow the West Ada and Boise school districts’ decision for closures. These districts have resources that are out throughout the night making determinations, and it is prudent for us to leverage off of their resources.
  • Even if you haven’t heard from us directly, if the West Ada and/or Boise school districts are closed, we will be closed.  If only one district closes, administration will make the decision that morning whether or not we will be closed.
  • We will communicate with KTVB Channel 7 for their news and their website:
    • We will not communicate with any other TV stations.
  • We will communicate with KTSY (FM 89.5) and KBOI (AM 670).
  • We will communicate any deviations from normal on the front page of our website at
  • We may communicate by email.

Late Arrival or Early Dismissal

We may deviate from the local school district(s) in the following scenarios:
1) Late Arrival: One- or two-hour delay - This option may be one that we use even if West Ada and Boise are in school on-time due to the geographic distance of our student body. We will communicate in the exact same way as outlined above in “School Closure” (above).

  • Everything would run as normal, just exactly one or two hours later.
    • Example: If we decide to run one hour late, the bus would leave the Elementary Campus at 8:40 a.m. rather than 7:40 a.m., and leave the Secondary Campus at 9:05 a.m. The Secondary Campus would start at 9:10 a.m., and the Elementary at 9:30 a.m.

2) Early Dismissal: Some districts will release early when it snows. We will never say “never”, but it would have to be an extremely severe situation for us to dismiss school early because of the difficulty of communication and the difficulty for many parents to pick up their kids.

  • However, on these days you, as the parent, may make the determination to pick up your child early. Or, if your student drives, you may call and provide permission for them to leave early.

We will always try to make the phone call to the stations and update our website prior to 6:00 a.m. However, changing conditions may require a decision change later, so continue checking our website, KTVB Channel 7, KTSY (FM 89.5), and KBOI (AM 670). 

Extended Care

Extended Care will be closed if a school closure is called.  On late arrival days, Extended Care will open 30 minutes before the stated delayed start time.

Events and Sports

If there are any school events, games or other activities scheduled on a day we need to cancel school due to weather, our Tandem calendar will be updated and an announcement posted on the front page of our website.  For those days when school is cancelled due to weather, there will be no Elementary or Junior High practices or games.  For High School sports, coaches will communicate to the players through their normal communication channels.

Elementary Campus Cold Weather Recess Procedures

In the event of inclement or unsafe weather, outdoor recess will be shortened or cancelled, depending on the severity of the conditions.  These conditions include – but are not limited to – temperature of 18 degrees or lower, heavy rain, a red air quality alert, or other conditions deemed extreme by school administration.

Elementary Campus Indoor Pickup Process

If the Elementary Campus is having an indoor pickup due to inclement weather, signs will be placed in the drive and pickup area stating INDOOR PICKUP.  All Kindergarten-2nd grade students will be waiting for parents to come and check them out from their homeroom classroom.  All 3rd-6th grade students will walk over as a class to the gym and will wait there with their teacher for parents to check them out.  This allows all students to be in one general location.  Please wait until all classes are set in the area where pickup takes place before taking your child so he/she can properly be checked out.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


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