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Legacy of Love Conference

CVCS is thrilled to be able to welcome

Kay and Milan Yerkovich to Boise  March 17-18, 2017.


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Who are the Yerkovich's?

Kay and Milan are regular contributors to the New Life Live radio program on 94.1 fm and the authors of How We Love, one of the most transformative books on relationships we have ever discovered. 
Why bring them to Boise? 
A year ago, the Yerkovichs presented their "How We Love" marriage conference to a packed house of 600+ and received rave reviews.   Marriages made sense for the first time in their history to so many couples in the room.  They consistently commented, "Why have we never heard this before?  I finally understand my spouse, my family, and my friends!"  They immediately asked when we would bring Kay & Milan back to Boise so they could encourage their friends to attend.  
At that moment, Cole Valley Christian Schools knew that we had to invite them back to teach their companion book, "How We Love our Kids," to bless our Cole Valley parents and parents throughout the Treasure Valley.  
What do they teach?
The 6-hour workshop, which will take place on Friday evening and Saturday morning, will fly by as you are blown away at how spot-on their description of you and your loved ones are.  You'll find yourself thinking, "That's exactly what I do!  I never knew why, but they nailed it! This makes sense of everything!"  
As they share the 5 Love Styles that grow out of your history (completely different from Love Languages), you will finally understand yourself, your spouse, and others in your life. We will look back at your history to explain, not to blame.  You will learn tools that foster growth towards becoming a Secure Connector and how to help your children become a Secure Connector which will enhance all their future relationships.  Other than a belief in Jesus, we cannot imagine a better gift you could give your children.  You'll discover that God puts others in your life to help you grow. 
What is your Love Style?
Take the Love Style Quiz to find out How You Love.  Have your spouse and kids take the quiz, too, before coming to the event. 
Attend together!
Although you can attend alone, you will not want to.  If possible, you will want to attend and learn this together with your spouse, friends, and family circle. Gaining this understanding together will transform your relationships and create a community with a new language that will help you all gain relational and emotional intelligence. Kay and Milan are gifted teachers who load their conference with life stories which bring the content to life in a way you will not soon forget.  Although the book is great, hearing it from them directly is a privilege you will not want to miss. 
Additional Opportunities to hear from Kay and Milan:
Friday Morning - The Yerkovichs will offer a glimpse into the 5 Love Styles to the students at CVCS Secondary Campus in a special chapel. This will help them relate to what you will learn in greater depth at the conference.  Time to be announced soon.  FREE
Saturday Evening - Join us for the Legacy of Love Celebration Benefit Auction.  Kay and Milan will be the keynote speakers at our CVCS benefit auction & dance. Wear WHITE & come for the fun as you consider how you will want to leave a legacy for future generations. Learn more about the Legacy of Love Celebration Benefit Auction and purchase your tickets here.  
Tickets are available for both the Conference & the White Party through our Cole Valley Charger Gear store.  Order early as space is limited. 
Cole Valley families watch your email for a discount code in your Charger Weekly View & Elementary Communique.   Save by purchasing a bundle ticket to attend both events. 




"The "How We Love" conference was the best marriage conference we attended in our 46 married years. During the conference the seed of becoming Emergency Foster Parents was planted after we realized how great and even "cemented" was the influence of the first 6 years of life. We bought the "How We Love Our Kids" book and are attempting a better job with our grandchildren. This conference is highly recommended!"  Jan Cowles, Retired Hospital Administrator

"The conference helped me to better understand how others view the world and engage with each other. This has helped me to better communicate with my wife, children, co workers, and others. The practical application aspect of the material truly helps to provide tools for putting these understandings to use. Often our children provide sources of contention and frustration in our homes. Gaining the knowledge, understanding, and skill to better relate to and with them will be invaluable in living more fully as God intends for us to do."  Steve Evans, Pastor

"My now husband and I had just gotten engaged and were going through marriage counseling. This conference helped give us the tools to better understand one another in a way we had not before. We learned that he is a pleaser and I am an avoider. We saw it currently playing out in our relationship but didn't quite know how to explain what we were feeling to one another. We gained a lot of useful tools from this conference that we still use when we are disagreeing or trying to love one another." Amy Roquemore Porter, Church Admin

"My wife and I were able to immediately use the tools (The Comfort Circle) to help us work through misunderstandings. Also, insights into who we are are still paying dividends." Steve Robinson, Missionary & Pastor

"Hearing the wisdom and personal stories from Milan and Kay gave me new insight into my relationships. As a pleaser, I learned from this conference and the accompanying book how to understand my habit of deferring to others and then this understanding gave me a voice. I also now see how my small town upbringing and mom's early death greatly impacted my relationships. All of this growth has brought a new dimension to my relationships with my family and friends. In fact, my husband and I continue to read the book How We Love on our coffee dates. Why attend? As parents, we have the single greatest impact on our children. Attending this conference will make my parenting even more effective and purposeful. "  Donna Williams, Children's Pastor, Cole Community Church


Should I bring my kids to the conference? 
Although Secondary kids could benefit greatly by learning this content at a young age, Elementary students and younger should probably stay home.
Printable Promotional Materials:  Feel free to print and post at your Church or give to your friends or small group. 
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How We Love - Love Styles

Listen in as Kay and Milan offer a glimpse into the 5 Love Styles: Avoider, Pleaser, Vacillator, Victim & Controler.    "How We Love our Kids" will look at how children are naturally impacted by their parents' Love Styles.  When a parent discovers their own Love Style and becomes aware of where it came from, they can then help their children become Secure Connectors.   

How We Love - Core Patterns

The Love Styles will quite typically pair in marriage in a very predictable way and lead to very predictable Core Patterns of interacting.  Listen in as Kay and Milan share a glimpse into those Core Patterns.  "How We Love our Kids" will look at how these Core Patterns impact the kids in their formative years and how a growing parent can transform their children into Secure Connectors which will bless their future relationships.  


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