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Referral Credit Program


Description and Procedures

  • The Referral Credit Program will award a current Cole Valley Christian School (CVCS) family with a $500 tuition credit for each new student enrolled in fulltime 5-day Kindergarten through 12th grade, $300 for 3-day or 4-day Kindergarten, and $100 for Pre-K.
    • Example:  refer a family that enrolls two fulltime 5-day K-12th grade students and receive a $1,000 tuition credit, or a family of three students and receive $1,500, etc.
  • The Referral Credit Program is for parents/guardians of students currently attending CVCS. 
  • The Referred Family must be a new family enrolling at CVCS.  This credit does not apply to siblings of current students, students who have previously attended CVCS or siblings of students who have previously attended CVCS.
  • The new student(s) must meet our admission requirements, be accepted through our admission process, and enroll in the school.  
  • The new family must list the Referring Family on their application.  
  • The Referring Family must fill out the Referral Credit Program form (found below) in order to receive proper credit. This form must be filled out for the same school year as the new student enrollment.
  • The Referral Credit will be paid to the Referring Family in two increments.  Half will be paid in the first semester of enrollment of the new student and half in the second semester of enrollment of the new student. The Referring Family must still be enrolled at the time of credit distribution.  Credits will be applied to tuition accounts in December and May.  
  • The new family application and the current family’s Referral Credit Program form must match.


IRS regulations require Cole Valley Christian School to issue a 1099 to any family receiving more than $600 in benefits.

The administration reserves the right to modify this referral program as deemed necessary.

CVCS is not responsible for determining referring family. The referring family’s name on the new family’s application must match the Referral Credit Program form on file.

*Please note: The email address field at the bottom of the form should be your email address, not the family you are referring. 


Cole Valley Christian Schools Referral Credit Program Form:


Your Name

I/We have referred the following family to Cole Valley Christians Schools: 


Name of New Family

* Referred For School Year

Name of New Student

* Current Grade
School Currently Attending

Name of New Student

Current Grade
School Currently Attending

Name of New Student

Current Grade
School Currently Attending

* Email Address:




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