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Scrip Frequently Asked Questions

Q             What is Scrip?

            The Scrip Program is designed to capture funds already being spent by CVCS families and friends and raise money for our school.  When you purchase Scrip cards you are purchasing prepaid cards/gift certificates that are used just like cash to purchase food, gas, clothing, and other essentials at hundreds of businesses, many of which you shop at on a regular basis. CVCS earns anywhere from 1.5-25% profit from the purchase of Scrip cards. For instance, Fred Meyer gives CVCS a 5% discount on their cards.  When you purchase a $100 Fred Meyer card for $100, Fred Meyer charges the School $95 for that card and the $5 profit goes back to our School. When your purchases generate $20 minimum profit, it is split 50/50 with you to claim toward your tuition costs.  With every purchase, you can earn tuition credit and revenue for our School!


Q             How does the School benefit from the Scrip Program?

A             In the 2016-2017 school year, Scrip Program sales reached over $485,000, which generated profit of nearly $25,000 for CVCS, and families who participated earned $8,854 of that in tuition credits!


Q             How do I benefit from Scrip?

A             You receive 50% of the profit your purchases earn for the School after you earn a minimum profit of $20 in the form of tuition credit.

Highest Scrip tuition credit earned by one family in one school year: Over $1,086. Lowest: $10.00. 

Average tuition credit earned: around $52.00 three times per year when credits are calculated.

The families were then able to deduct their credit from their next tuition payment or other fees (athletic, art, registration, etc.). *Remember...Scrip pays you two ways: 50% of all profits are credited back for your tuition, and, because our school receives funds, we can keep tuition costs lower.


            Is it easy to participate?

            YES there are four convenient ways to purchase Scrip:

1) Purchase from inventory of cards available at both the Elementary and the Secondary campus offices any time the offices are open.

2) Order online at  and a) sign up to use Presto Pay (see below for information on Presto Pay) or b) send in your check and fulfillment preference to school.

3) Use the ScripNow and Reload features available through to bypass the ordering process! Check it out here:  ScripNow   Reloads


            How do I get started?

A             1) In order to receive tuition credit, first you must register at . To do this, click "Create Account" in the green Family Sign-Up box on the left side of the page. Your email address and the school’s Enrollment Code are required to register. Email for the Enrollment Code. If you are participating in Scrip to benefit a CVCS school family or want to designate another CVCS family to receive tuition credit for your purchases, you must indicate the family name in your profile, and they must register on This is our only way of tracking tuition credit.

               2) Send in a completed Scrip Registration Form for our records.

               3) Click the “SCRIP” button on and follow the instructions for ordering. 


Q             What is our school’s Enrollment Code?

A             To protect the security of our program, please email for the CVCS Scrip Enrollment Code.


Q             When are orders placed?

            Orders and payments are due by 9:00 a.m. on Thursdays. Order forms and online orders are collected and released together weekly. Please check the School Tandem Calendar and Tuition Credit Program Newsletters for order updates. If an online order is placed on Thursday after 9:00 a.m., or, if an order form is not in the school office by that deadline, it cannot be processed until the following order.


Q             When are orders received?

A             All Scrip arrives first at School and then is processed for individual orders. Scrip ordered on Thursday is ready the following Tuesday afternoon. Notify us of your fulfillment option on your printed order form or by emailing Sammy Harris at

  • Pick up at Elementary or Secondary office, or
  • Send home with (child’s name), or
  • Include $3 and your address for mailing


Q             What is Presto Pay?

A            Presto Pay is a convenient online payment method linked to your checking account using ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transaction.  

We have maintained 100% security with this program every year we have participated.

Look for the Presto Pay option after you have registered on to sign up.  Advantages of Presto Pay 1) No lag time waiting for payment to arrive so we can fill your order or mail cards if you live far away. *Make sure to notify us how you would like to receive your order by emailing Sammy Harris at  2) ScripNow and Reloads are available within minutes and not hung up waiting for payment.


Q             Who can participate?

A             Anyone! Even grandparents, relatives and friends can support CVCS and earn you tuition credit by purchasing Scrip online from wherever they are! We will mail cards for an additional $3.00 to cover postage. See “How do I get started?” above and follow the process for registering friends and family and designating your family to receive credit.


Q             How do out-of-town friends and family order and receive Scrip?

A             They must first register first on using our School’s Enrollment Code. Email for the code. They can designate your family to receive credit when they create their account, and then they can place an order! It’s that simple. If paying by check, mail check and printed order form immediately to CVCS, 200 E. Carlton Ave.  Meridian, ID 83642, and add $3.00 per order for mailing. If using Presto Pay, either mail a separate check to the school for the $3.00 mailing charge, or a request and a return envelope will be sent along with the order. Please provide the address on the printed order form or by email to Friends and family can also take advantage of ScripNow and Reloads on ShopWithScrip with no mailing involved!


Q             How do I claim my tuition credit?

A             We keep track of the purchases you make through the ShopWithScrip website and process tuition credits in March, August, and November. That is, when the new school year begins, just before Christmas, and right before registration/recommittment fees are due for the next year. When your purchases generate a minimum profit of $20, we give you 50% of the profit earned. You will be notified by letter of the amount of credit you have earned. Email and your creedit will be applied to your Smart tuition account, or you may choose to return the credit to CVCS. Track your tuition credit anytime on  under “My Account” and "Reports" on the left side menu.


Q             How do I get credit for purchases I make from on-hand inventory in the office?

            Scrip purchases made in the Elementary or Secondary office with cash or check will be entered for you on the Shop With Scrip system and you will receive credit. Purchases will be tracked manually for those who have not yet registered. Please register on and send in a completed Scrip Registration Form to school right away so your credit can be tracked using the ShopWithScrip system.


Q             Is the Scrip program year-round?

         Scrip is a year round program and an important item in our school’s budget every year. Inventory is available for purchase in both campus offices all summer during office hours, and one order per month is placed during the summer break until regular weekly orders resume at the beginning of the new school year. All purchases over the summer count toward Augist tuition credits, and you can begin participating at any time.


Q             Do the cards expire?  If so, are they good for at least a year or so?  

A          Most never expire, but a few can lose value each year. You can check the card balances on their respective websites or by calling the phone number listed on the back of the card.


Q             Are the cards similar to a debit card?  (i.e., if I purchase a $100 card, can I spend it in smaller increments over a period of      months, until it is all used up?)

A          Yes-most Scrip is in the form of a debit card (just like regular gift cards) and will carry your balance. 


Q             Can a credit card be used to purchase Scrip?

A             Credit cards eat into the percentages earned on cards and therefore are not supported by  the Scrip website or the School.


Q         My question was not answered here. Now what?

A          1) Click the “SCRIP” button on  homepage for more valuable information.

            2) Contact Sammy Harris at or 208-947-1212, Secondary Campus.


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