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Scrip Program



Scrip Coordinator Jennifer Miller can be reached at for questions or help with the Tuition Credit Program including Scrip and Referral Credit. 



The CVCS Scrip Program is designed to capture funds already being spent by CVCS families and friends
in order to raise money for our School and provide a means of lowering tuition costs for our families.
When you purchase Scrip cards through CVCS, you are purchasing prepaid cards used just like
cash for everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing, and other essentials at hundreds of businesses, many
of which you shop at on a regular basis.
  • CVCS earns anywhere from 2.5-25% profit from the purchase of Scrip.
For instance, when we purchase a $100 card to Fred Meyer for $100, Fred Meyer charges the school $95 for that card and the $5 profit goes
back to our School.
In addition, when you purchase products or services from a local or school family business affiliated with
our Scrip program, that business makes a contribution to CVCS that is added to your Scrip profit. If you own
and/or operate a local business, it can be listed in the CVCS Business Directory which is a win-win-win for
families, businesses, and CVCS through the Scrip program! 


  • Tuition credits are calculated three times a year, in March, August, and November.
Each family whose Scrip purchases generate a minimum profit of $20 when credits are calculated will be notified of the amount of profit they have earned for the school and the amount of Tuition Credit they may apply to their tuition cost.  Tuition Credit will be 50% of the profit earned. Families may choose to have CVCS retain the profit.
  • Scrip benefits families two ways:

50% of profits are credited back for tuition, and because our school receives funds we can keep tuition costs lower. With every purchase, you can earn tuition credit and revenue for our school!

  • Even grandparents, relatives and friends can help with tuition and support CVCS by purchasing Scrip cards online from anywhere!
  • Scrip is a year-round program

You can begin participating at any time, with the tuition credit you earn being available the next time credits are calculated.

Scrip cards can be purchased with cash or a check anytime during school hours at the Elementary or Secondary Campus office. 


Consider adding your business to the CVCS Business Directory and partnering with CVCS in the Tuition Credit Program. Click the link at left. Contact for more information.


On-Hand Inventory List     Full list of Scrip gift card options in our area



For questions and help, contact Scrip Coordinator Jennifer Miller at 

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