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Tuition Aid


The Tuition Aid fund is critical for us to be able to provide students that need financial assistance access to a Christ-centered education.  Because of your generosity, deserving students can pursue a rigorous education that fosters a deep love of God. Tuition aid helps the demographics of our school more closely match the Body of Christ.

There are many different types of tuition aid recipients:

  • Some families need temporary aid to get them through a job loss, or a business downturn.
  • Others have been called by God to noble professions that do not pay well, such as ministry or teaching.
  • Other students might have 90% of their tuition, but without your help, they would miss out on 100% of the excellent Christian education they so desire. 

Funds are distributed based on need that is determined by a combination of a third party financial review and a tuition aid committee that evaluates provided data in order to maintain fairness and integrity. It is a significant benefit to our school to be able to provide tuition aid and we are extremely thankful for your investment in this fund.

Click here to learn more about the significant tax benefits of donating to Cole Valley Christian. 
Idaho Tax Benefit for Educational Donations


To donate to this fund, fill in the form below and select "Tuition Aid" in the Designate your Donation drop-down menu.

By doing so, you are making possible a Christian education for those who may not otherwise be able to have access to such an important foundation in their walk with the Lord. Thank you for making a difference in the life of a student.


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