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Continuous Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is continuous enrollment?


Continuous Enrollment simply means that when you complete an enrollment agreement for your student you are enrolling from that date until your child graduates, or until you let us know otherwise, by submitting an "Intent to Withdraw Form".


Q: What happens during future enrollment seasons?


In future years, tuition and fees will be posted on our Tuition and Fees page in January. Your student is already enrolled for the following year, and your Enrollment Fee will be processed via FACTS in March. If your child will not be returning for the next academic year, you will need to submit an "Intent to Withdraw Form" by February 15th to avoid owing the Enrollment Fee.


Q: What if someone else pays my student's enrollment fee? Can they pay by check instead me paying through my FACTS account?


Yes, enrollment fees can be paid by check from someone else and it will simply be applied to your FACTS balance. However, due dates still apply so the check must be received by February 28th that it can be posted in time to avoid the automatic withdrawal.


Q: What about policy and tuition changes?


Policies are detailed in our handbook, which can be found on the school website. Tuition will be published on the website in January prior to the Intent to Withdrawal deadline. It is the parents’ responsibility to review the handbook for any policy changes.


Q: What if we don't know yet if we're returning and need more time?


In future years, submit the "Intent to Withdraw Form" by February 15th to avoid paying an Enrollment Fee. You may re-enroll later, if there is space available. 


Q: If my child is continuously enrolled, can the school choose to unenroll my child?


Yes, Cole Valley Christian Schools continues to reserve the right to withdraw a student at any time due to student performance or behavior issues - or if families have delinquent financial obligations.