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CVCS 2022 Year End Good News & Giving

The Charger 2022 Year-End Giving campaign will focus on these         
enhancements to our students' and teachers' experience: 

Teacher Appreciation Gift 

It's no secret that our teachers pour their time, talent, and treasure        
into our students with less compensation than others in the valley.         
We seek to offer them a year-end gift to thank them for their         

Facility and Classroom Equipment 

From playground enhancements, Secondary Chapel instruments, scissor lifts to efficiently maintain the auditorium and gyms, and requested tools for        
teaching; our goal is to supply those things that can best enhance the experience of our teachers and staff to engage our students. 

Technology: STEM, Applied Computer Technology,         
Classroom Computers 

Under the direction of our excellent STEM and Computer instructors,        
our students on both campuses are competing at a high level. Help        
us provide the next layer of needed tools such as 3D printers &        
filament, materials for laser cutting, iPads with pencils for graphic        
design, tools for extended research, and classroom computers.



Take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit!

Gifts to CVCS may qualify for a 50% tax credit even if you do not itemize your taxes (a reduction in the actual tax you owe). If you do itemize, a donation to CVCS allows income tax deductions on your state and federal returns, PLUS a 50% Idaho income tax credit. Please review the chart below and consult with your tax advisor..

 Gift AmountTax Credit
Idaho Individualsup to $1,000up to $500
Idaho Married Couplesup to $2,000up to $1,000
Idaho Corporationsup to $10,000up to $5,000
Reference Idaho Statute 63-3029A, Income Tax Credit for Charitable Contribution.

Double or Triple your gift:    
If you are affiliated with a company that has a matching gift program your gift could be   
Doubled or even tripled! Consult your HR department for information.