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Spiritual Growth

At Cole Valley Christian Schools we desire to help kids be real about their faith and help them toward an authentic relationship with God, even when that means asking hard questions and being honest even when it is tough to hear the truth at times. We want to teach them how to build a foundation on His Word, the Bible. Therefore, we infuse scripture into every subject - not just Bible class - and we give our students opportunities to connect with God outside of daily classwork. Spiritual growth also happens through interactions in community with people doing life together.

  • Lessons clearly connected with scripture - all subjects
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Advisory Groups (grades 6-12)
  • Worship
  • Shepherding
  • Grade level specific Bible Classes

Chapel is a weekly occurrence on both campuses. At our Middle/High School Campus, our chapel service is on Thursdays. High School and Middle School chapels meet separately except on occasion for a special speaker or topic. Chapel is held on Friday mornings at our Elementary Campus and parents are welcome to attend. Both campuses have opportunities for students to be involved in leading worship and playing instruments.

Following Chapel each week middle school students meet in Advisory Groups with middle school teacher and about 15-16 classmates. This gives them an opportunity to be known, to discuss topics further, and to learn and pray together. High school students also participate in Advisory Groups which range in size from 8-16. Most high school advisories are led by staff members, while a few are led by volunteer leaders from the community. These groups are designed to provide opportunities for students to get to know and encourage each other both spiritually and relationally, under the mentorship of a caring adult.

Bible is also a separate subject for all our students. In grades 6-9, students will walk through an Old Testament Survey, a New Testament Survey, a single gender curriculum specific for 8th grade, New Testament Letters/Commands of Christ, and Foundations of Faith. Students in grades 10-12 have the opportunity to select semester long Bible classes from topics such as: Biblical Leadership; Biblical Relationships; Biblical View of Law; Church History; Comparative Religions; Ethics; Fundamentals of Faith; Global Outreach; Life of Christ; Ministry Development; Missions; various books of the Bible.

Teaching students to pray is done through modeling by our teachers - and then giving students an opportunity to pray in class. Our teachers value opportunities to pray for and with their students. And many have led students into a personal relationship with Christ as a result. But they also realize that great growth can come from walking with students in difficult seasons as well and so they desire to shepherd students through those moments or seasons.