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Cole Valley Christian school counselors are available to help students realize their fullest potential personally, socially, emotionally, and relationally.  School counselors provide short term individual, group and classroom guidance for stressors that are affecting your school day.  School counselors can talk about what you are experiencing at school, home, relationships, or spiritually.  School counselors also help connect students and families to outside counseling and community resources.

Jennie Hazen, LCPC
Certified School Counselor
Phone:  (208) 947-1212
Kristin Hill 
Phone:  (208) 947-1212
Code (CEEB) 130045    

Chris Graham M.S., LPC, NCC
Phone:  (208) 947-1212

The School Counselor:

  • Promotes a safe, caring and positive environment for conversation
  • Guides and supports students with spiritual, social, personal, relational and academic goals
  • Encourages students to have healthy view of themselves and to use their skills, strengths and faith to manage hard tasks in life, school, home or relationships.
  • Inspires students to show kindness, respect and empathy toward others.
  • Advocates for students, and empowers students to make positive choices, by using appropriate tools for problem solving and decision-making.

The Role of the School Counselor:

  • Offers short-term, solution-focused individual and group counseling.
  • Observes and gets to know students in various settings.
  • Consults and collaborates with parents, staff, students, private counselors and community agencies.
  • Provides community referrals and resources for families.
  • Provides support during a crisis

Confidentiality Policy:

What you say in the counseling office stays in the counseling office UNLESS…

  • Someone is hurting you
  • You want to hurt someone else
  • You want to hurt yourself
  • You give the counselor permission to tell a parent or another trusted adult in your world. 

The school counselor is here to help you. Sometimes the best way to help is to get other people involved who can assist. If you are struggling, telling someone what is going on is a brave and courageous step. Let the school counselors help get you started on a new pathway. 

How to See the School Counselor:

  • Students may stop by the counselor’s office to see the counselor or fill out an Appointment Request note. The student and counselor will agree to an appointment time.  
  • Students can call or email the school counselor to request an appointment.
  • Parents can call or email the school counselor to request an appointment for themselves or for their student.
  • Teachers and staff can request a student meet with the school counselor.