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How to Access Your Student Billing Account

Account information for the 2019/2020 school year is in FACTS.  For instructions on how to see your information you can choose one of these options:

  • Watch a video demonstration showing you how to log in and navigate the site CLICK HERE.  
  • You can read a summary of the instructions at the bottom of this page (fewest details)

Log In:  Once you log into ParentsWeb, click the FINANCE tab on the left.

FACTS Customer Service:  866-441-4637

Questions on 2019/2020 Billing?  Contact Denise Jordan at 


Tuition Payment Plans

This payment plan will include the Capital Improvement Fee ($400), annual student fees ($250), and tuition.  If your student has extra billing for Student Academic Services (SAS), it will also appear here.  If applicable, the other 2 items that might appear here are Tuition Reduction Fund payments or Prior year billing balances rolled forward from SMART Tuition from June.

Available Payment Due Dates:  1st, 15th or 25th of the month

  • You are able to change your due date 3 times during the year through FACTS - online or calling customer service
  • Payment Reminders:  As a reminder, FACTS will send you an email 5-7 days before a payment is drafted/charged.

Please note:

  • CIF and student fees have been rolled into the payment plans – but if you would like to pay those separately to reduce future monthly payments, email to make this request.
  • If at any point you want to make a lump sum payment to reduce future payments, let me know and I can help readjust payments remaining for you.

Incidental Billing

  • Invoices will be sent on the 5th of the month and due on the 15th of the month. 
  • You can set up a different payment method for these charges than your tuition plan.
  • You can set up auto-pay for these charges - payment would be drafted on the due date.  To select this option, choose "Enroll in AutoPay" under Incidental Billing.
  • Incidental Billing will include things added in the previous month like:
    • Retreat/Trip fees
    • Sport Fees
    • Creative Art Fees (Band, Colorguard, etc)
    • Extended Care
    • Shuttle Bus
    • Booster Club Membership Purchases (Athletic & Arts)
    • Other miscellaneous items
    • You can set up auto payments on your incidental billing so that payment automatically drafts on the 15th of the month

Pre-Pay Accounts - Secondary Campus

Money can be deposited into a LUNCH ACCOUNT or a CHARGER GROUNDS account.  The money cannot be moved between the two for a student in the moment at the register.

Accessing Your 2019/2020 Tuition & Incidental Billing Information

To find your tuition information or information about incidental billing for the 2019/2020 school year, you can log into your account through ParentsWeb:

  • Log into your ParentsWeb account
  • Click on FINANCIAL on the left menu
    • This screen will give you all highlighted details of your financial account (including where to add funds for the Secondary student lunch accounts).  
    • Click on the designated links for more details or to make additional payments.
  • Go to FINANCIAL HOME by clicking either of these places
    • Under FINANCIAL LINKS – Select FINANCIAL HOME in the far right box

That will take you into your Financial Account.  There you can:

  • See your incidental billing balance and transaction history under Incidental expenses
  • Submit additional payments or change your banking information
  • Set up Auto Payment (for payment to draft on the due date – 15th of the month for incidentals that come up)
  • Add lunch money for the Secondary campus under Prepay Accounts.