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Instrumental Music:

Band/String Ensemble

The band classes encompass all aspects of the Cole Valley Christian Schools instrumental program. Believing that we are to serve Jesus the band and string ensemble follow the concepts of Luke 11:33 to be the light of Jesus out in the community. To praise God with dancing and the making of music. Each student will participate in regular full-band rehearsals as well as individual solo or small group settings.  Instruction will be available to students on all band instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion etc.) and string instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass) regardless of experience. Students who play the piano, bass guitar, or guitar are encouraged to participate.

  • Secondary Band/Orchestra - performs in formal seasonal performances along with performances at District III and IMEA music festivals, selected sporting events, marching band competitions, parades, and performances as deemed appropriate as per the Director and/or Cole Valley Christian Schools.
  • Elementary Band/String Ensemble - there are three formal performances; Christmas production, Grandparents Day, and the band Spring Concert.

For further information please contact Rich Taylor, Instrumental Music Director, at

Color Guard

Utilizing a variety of equipment and choreography/dance the color guard performs as part of the band for the first semester. In the second semester the color guard participates in various winter guard competitions and showcase events.

For further information please contact Rich Taylor, Instrumental Music Director, at


At the High School level, students are encouraged to reach a higher musical potential in preparation for college-level music and beyond. Students will perform in our annual Veterans Day, Christmas, and Spring concerts as well as community service events and competition in the ACSI Northwest Choral Ensemble Festival. The festival allows individual students the opportunity to compete on the solo and small ensemble level while also providing a worship composition category. In addition, the choir has periodically taken tours to New York for the opportunity to perform alongside Collegiate level choirs at the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.  Always a fun and educational experience, Musicale is one of the biggest highlights of the school year for our choir.

The Junior High Choir program focuses on instilling the basics of how to read music and apply that skill to performance while developing students’ musicianship as they prepare for High School. Throughout the semester, students will have opportunities to perform in several concerts and community events.


Drama teacher, Wes Simmonds, is passionate about God's creative nature and artistic gifts to His people.  Wes' mission is to "restore theatre arts to the glory of its Creator".  He strives to inspire drama students with the truth that whatever they do is an act of worship, and to do it with all of their hearts.  Over the last five years, our theater program has grown from doing one small cast play per year to now offering one full length Fall production and one full length Spring Production.  In Spring 2019, we did our first Broadway musical - Into the Woods.  We are excited about future growth of this program!

HIGH SCHOOL: In the fall semester, High School students can be involved in a performance based class that focuses on teaching the literary classics like Shakespeare, Wilde, Shaw, and the ancient Greek playwrights. Spring semester classes will provide learning opportunities for students with more of an interest in the workings of the backstage such as set design, costuming, lighting and sound in our "Play Production" course. This class is directly linked to our spring semester musical. The musical is an after-school, audition based program that will provide opportunities for high school, junior high, and potentially some elementary students.

JR HIGH:  Theatre classes in grades 7-8 focus on helping students learn acting skills while working on improv, memorization, blocking, and an assortment of other theatre elements.

ELEMENTARY (5-6):  Theatre education begins at the elementary with the 5th grade folktale plays and continues in 6th grade as they perform in the Greek Day Mythology plays. The elementary program is intended to give every student an acting role and will focus on the basics of theater performance.

Elementary Music

Our elementary music classes teach everything from music theory to drama with a Christ centered focus on worship in the Arts. K-4 students share in worship and performance at our annual Christmas program. Their curriculum integrates the Orff Schulwerk hands-on music method. It combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to a child's world of play. In the spring, 6th grade performs an annual Greek Days Myths collection of plays and 5th grade performs an annual Folk Tales Collection of plays.

It's hard to say goodbye to the Cole Valley theater department. It has enriched my life so much over the years. I started out in preproduction but never acted because of the short leash I kept myself on. With some convincing by some of the actors and an attempt to push through my own anxieties, I got the part of Officer O'Hara in Arsenic and Old Lace and I never looked back. It feels like far more than a year that I've been with these wonderful people. I would be a much different person had I not joined the program and I am infinitely thankful for all of their love and support. As for now, to the world, I am set free, yet always drawing near.    ~ Devon Harris, Class of 2017