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Student Academic Services (SAS)

Our purpose at CVCS is that "we exist to serve Jesus Christ by developing the whole person to impact the world for Him." With this purpose in mind, we seek to teach and assist both the traditional and non-traditional learner.

The Student Academic Services (SAS) is a intentionally designed program for students in grades 3 through 12 requiring additional educational needs to support or to challenge their learning. 

Academic intervention options are available to fill academic gaps or build stronger executive functions. An educational coach will facilitate a student’s learning journey through close monitoring of Education Plans, collaborating with teachers and parents, providing necessary accommodations or modifications, and equipping students with skills and strategies. 

Both Elementary and Secondary campus have alternative classroom options for students requiring a smaller teacher to student ratio to best support learning differences.

Eligibility Guidelines for SAS program:

  • Students receiving SAS services must have had formal evaluations in cognitive and academic achievement.
  • Students must have a diagnosed disability and/or significant deficits indicated on formal evaluations.

Documents required before services are determined:

  • Previous IEP, 504, or educational/behavioral plan
  • Copies of all formal evaluations (i.e., WISC-IV, Woodcock Johnson Cognitive and Achievement, etc.) administered by neuropsychologists, educational psychologists, or other testing agencies

SAS Process: 

  • An Educational Consultation will be scheduled to review necessary data and documentation to determine appropriate level of support.  
  • Based on report summary of formal evaluations, a Cole Valley Education Plan is designed and tailored to address the student's individual needs such as student goals, measurements, necessary accommodations and/or modifications, and/or intervention methods.   
  • According to individual needs and intervention necessary for success, an educational coach will be assigned to the student to monitor the student and execute the Education Plan and support services.   

Preparation for the Educational Consultation:

  • Please fill out the "Authorization to Exchange Information" form, bring copies of formal evaluations or reports documenting diagnosed disability, and additional educational records to the educational consult meeting.
  • If your student has not been formally evaluated, please fill out the CVCS Testing application to have your student formally evaluated and to find more information about the Woodcock Johnson formal evaluations.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Joyfully Serving,

Christine Birch

Becky Folk
Christine Birch
Director of Student Academic Services


Students must have a formal assessment or evaluation in order to identify a diagnosis, medical disorder, and/or a learning difficulty. Additional testing may be requested as student progresses. Students may transition between tiers if individual’s need(s) and/or current testing indicate. All students in all tiers will have an Education Plan and will be assigned an Instructional Specialist or Educational Therapist to manage the Plan and student needs. Fees apply to Tier 2 and 3. Customized plans outside of the services within Tier 3 may be discussed.