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Cole Valley Christian Schools (CVCS) began when parents of Cole Community Church felt burdened to provide a Christian education for their children. Pastor David Hazen, along with deacons and trustees of the church opened its own school in 1972 under the name “COLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.” That first year, the Lord blessed this new school with 13 students in kindergarten and first grade.

By 1978, the school had grown from the original enrollment of 13 students to 181, and had become a K-8 school. By 1981, due to tremendous growth and the move of Cole Community Church into new facilities, the school became fragmented, with grades K-2 on one campus, 3-6 grades on another campus, and 7-8 grades across town at yet another location. All were housed in church facilities. At the start of the 1998-1999 school year, grades K-6 were combined at the Cole Community Church facility through the use of modulars and church classrooms.

In 1990, parents concerned about high school education for their children joined together and formed “VALLEY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL.” In 1999, the strengths of both COLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL and VALLEY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL merged together and formed “COLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS.”

The Elementary Campus located at Cole Community Church continues to house Preschool – 6th grades. In 2002, the purchase was made of the former Meridian High School and Middle School in downtown Meridian for the Secondary Campus merging junior high and high school campuses.

Currently, we serve between 1100 - 1200 students at our 2 campuses.  God has been faithful every step of the way, giving our school just what it needed at the moment. 

God has been faithful through every need!