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The focus during the freshman year is to get students off to a great start academically as they begin their 4-year plan.  Students who work hard for grades and start exploring their interests will feel motivated to continue on this path throughout high school.  Our office helps students begin to build their resume and get involved in meaningful extracurricular activities, including volunteer work, sports, music, theater, or other areas of interest.  Students will receive preparation for the PSAT that is taken each fall and spring.  Freshmen are encouraged to visit two local college campuses in the spring or summertime to get exposure to colleges in our area.   

Sophomore students are encouraged to continue building their resumes by pursuing their best grades as they challenge themselves academically.  Students should consider leadership roles as they grow in their experience as volunteers, athletes, musicians, actors, employees, etc.  Our office will help prepare 10th grade students for the SAT and ACT by administering the PSAT in the fall and spring, in addition to providing more guidance and preparation for these exams.  Sophomores are encouraged to visit several colleges that may be a great fit for them, whether they are local schools, or schools that require travel that can be linked to family vacations over school breaks.  During college visits to our high school campus, sophomores are invited to visit with admissions officers during lunchtime.  Each year more than 15 colleges and universities visit our campus from all over the United States.   

Junior year is a crucial academic year where we focus on preparing students well for the PSAT/NMSQT in October, with this preparation beginning in the summertime.  The NMSQT is the National Merit Scholarship qualifying test that can result in merit-based scholarships for college.  Keeping grades strong while pursuing a challenging course schedule and developing leadership skills in extracurricular activities is prioritized.  Juniors are encouraged to take the College and Career prep class offered each fall in order to gain exposure to exciting career paths, college preparation, resume writing, interview skills, college applications, scholarship opportunities, and SAT/ACT test preparation.  This class also hosts campus visits from college admissions officers throughout the fall semester to allow students exposure to many different universities from all over the northwest and throughout the USA.  Families should plan to visit several college campuses during school breaks to narrow down the search list to 5-10 schools of interest as the junior year ends. 

Seniors apply for colleges and make plans for life after graduation, all with the support and encouragement of the office of Academic, College and Career Advising.  Volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities remain a focus.  Students are encouraged to have a top 3-5 list of colleges as the senior year begins.  Finishing college applications by December 1st is a priority, and our office helps students by sending high school transcripts, writing letters of recommendation, and proofreading admission and scholarship essays.  By the time students receive their diplomas at graduation, they are well prepared for the next step God has laid out for them.         

9th Grade:                 PSAT 8/9

10th Grade:               PSAT/NMSQT 

11th Grade:               PSAT/NMSQT 

12th Grade:               SAT  (on campus)

College & Career Advising

The Office of Academic, College and Career Advising exists to inform and guide our high school students as they seek God's calling and make decisions to pursue the many opportunities available after high school. Whether students want to attend a four-year college, a technical or trade school, or go straight into the mission field or military, our focus at CVCS is to help students and families feel prepared and informed for the next step after graduation. God's vision for each student is unique, and we want to walk alongside each student to help them find an exciting fit for their life after high school.   

Preparation along the way, beginning with the freshman year, will result in the best opportunity for each student as they seek to make well-informed decisions. Hard work and early involvement will pay dividends down the road. Students can meet individually with an advisor, Mrs. Hill, and gather information on Cole Valley course selections, colleges and universities, trade and technical schools, testing and test preparation, financial aid and scholarships, college majors and career paths. The focus is helping students recognize their God-given gifts and abilities.  

Mrs. Hill meets with each grade level several times throughout the school year to encourage students to do their very best academic work. She offers help with learning strategies (note taking, listening skills, study skills) that will serve students well in high school and college. Each student is highly encouraged to get after-school help from teachers who are available daily 3:15-3:45. Our best students tend to be the ones who spend time getting further instruction and learning course material more completely, either on their own, or with a teacher.         

The Office of Academic, College and Career Advising plans trips to universities with small groups of students during the junior and senior year. Examples of past trips include a driving visit to University of Idaho and Washington State University during their fall or spring visit day, a driving visit to Idaho State University in Pocatello during the fall, a day trip to visit NNU in the morning and Boise State in the afternoon, a flight to Phoenix, Arizona for an overnight stay at Grand Canyon University, or a flight to Denver, Colorado for an overnight stay at Colorado Christian University.   

Mrs. Hill teaches a college and career class elective that focuses on discovering exciting career paths, college preparation, resume writing, interview skills, college applications, scholarship applications, and developing skills to understand and practice for the SAT and ACT. This class also hosts campus visits from college admissions officers throughout the fall semester to allow an exposure to many different universities.       

The Office of Academic, College and Career Advising strives to enhance the education of Cole Valley Christian students through: 

  • Encouraging each student to discover, explore, develop and grow their God-given talents through diverse course options.  We guide students in their course selections each year so they are appropriately challenged.   
  • Providing college-prep coursework in a model that prepares students for success in the world outside of the classroom 
  • Advanced placement, dual credit, honors, and online courses that allow students to challenge themselves and earn college credit while still in high school.
  • Administering the Strengths Finder test, showing what students naturally do best.  A student’s top 5 strengths are identified from the 34 available, and this information is used to guide students to be more engaged in school and in extracurricular activities.  When strengths are applied well, there is greater academic achievement, a stronger sense of well-being, and an exceptional campus culture.   
For specific information contact:  
Kristin Hill, Director of Academic, College and Career Advising,
Cole Valley Christian High School

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