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Epic Lip Sync Battle - April 12, 2024

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Lip Sync '24

Show Times:
5:30 pm - K-2nd grades
7:00 pm - 3rd - 5th grades
SHOW $10/person (If you come for the first they can stay for the second half without purchasing another ticket)
Food: $5 / ticket (MEAL - hotdog, chips, beverage. DESSERT - dessert and coffee)
If you are planning on participating in Lip Sync on April 12, 2024, please read the following essential information as new parameters are necessary for this highly popular event.

ATTENDANCE AT THE SHOW - parents of students in the acts will have the first opportunity to purchase tickets. The number of students participating will determine how many tickets each family can purchase to not oversell the venue.

TRY-OUTS - To provide the best show possible in the limited amount of time available, we will be limiting the number of acts. If you would like to be considered for an act, please do the following:
  • ASAP - Submit your information on the registration form HERE to reserve your song. Please include the link to the exact song you want. No duplicate songs will be allowed.
  • To maximize the number of students who can participate in the show, solo acts are not allowed. We encourage kids to at least become a duet and ideally invite friends to hold props in the background if they do not want to do the work of choreography and memorizing words to the song for lip-sync to involve more of their friends in the show.
  • Grade Level acts that are open to the whole class should have the act coordinator reach out to the parents in your grade to get a list of those students wanting to participate and their parent's email addresses. Act Coordinators can work with the elementary campus office to reserve practice space and communicate plans for practice, costumes, props, etc... to parents of participants.
  • By March 25th - Submit to Kyna Ritchie at or Lynaya Herberholz at or, either a video of your progress and/or a description of your plan (costumes, choreography, props, concept, etc... to maximize the points system listed HERE.) Kyna and Lynaya can help you brainstorm details should you need help. We ideally want acts that strive to earn points in all the categories listed in the point system to make it the best show.
  • March 29th - The top 15 acts submitted will be notified that they are in the show. Grade Level acts open to all students are guaranteed a slot in the show. Exclusive acts will fill in the gaps around the Grade Level acts. (15 for Elementary Show, 15 for Secondary Show)
  • March 29th - The ticketing link will be released to parents of the students in the acts to purchase tickets (ie. need for parent emails). Based on the number of students participating in the show, parents will be able to purchase a certain number of tickets to not oversell the seats in the house.
  • April 3rd - If remaining tickets are available after parents purchase their desired tickets, the rest of the tickets will be available for public purchase via the online square store.

* NOTE - students in an act do not need a ticket, but those watching their student will need a ticket.

SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN: We desire to honor those students who have worked hard to present an act by respectfully watching their acts. We ask that students either stay with their act coordinator while preparing for their time on stage (either in the Fireside Room or Berean room), or they sit with their parents rather than freely roaming around the building for their safety.

FOOD - meal and dessert tickets will be available for purchase when you purchase your show tickets. Volunteers eat free!

Donate food items: Food/Items SignUp Genius

If you have any questions, please contact Kyna Ritchie at or Lynaya Herberholz at or



Please review the available volunteer and donation slots at SignUpGenius and click on the button to sign up. Bring items to the Secondary campus office by end of school on Friday. Thank you! Volunteers attend and eat for free.

  • 6 pm for Elementary Show
  • Secondary acts to follow intermission
  • $10 per person (ticket not needed for students in an act)
  • $5 Food Tickets: Redeem for Dinner (Hot dog, chips, soda meal) or Dessert/Coffee
  • Free Photo Booth: Use the free photo booth to get your photos taken with the stars of the show.

Lip Sync Parameters:

  • Time limit - 2-2:30 min.  
  • Song must be approved by the production crew.
  • No Duplicate Songs: First Come, First Serve (register your song here)
  • All Props / costumes used in the act must be carried onto and off the stage by the performers.
  • Stage = Elementary Auditorium Stage 
  • Video can be shown above the performer's head should you desire one.
  • No men dressed as women, please.  

Who can have an act?

  • Any CVCS student, faculty, staff, family or alumni.  
  • Any student, parent, or alumni can coordinate and act

Competition Categories: 

  • Categories will be judged separately.
    •  Elementary K-2
    • Elementary 3-6
    • Middle School and High School
  • Small Groups will be judged separately from Large Group numbers.
    • Small Group - 1-5 members

Large Group - 6 or more members 

Competition Scoring:

A group can earn up to 10 points per judge (6 judges) for the following:

Lip Sync:

  • Appropriate/creative song choice
  • Lip Sync quality: words understandable, facial expression appropriate to what they were singing
  • Costumes/hair: fit song choice (make sure it’s appropriate, and no males dressed as females please)
  • Choreography: interesting, creative, matches the song's mood, brings the words of the song to life
  • Props / Stage Enhancements - did they add to the story? Make the words of the song more understandable?
  • Stage/audience awareness - did you perform so the audience could see what you were doing? Facing the front of stage vs. back.
  • Audience Responsiveness - what kind of reaction did you bring out of the audience

Talent Show:

  • Appropriate/creative song choice (this also means MS/HS should not expect high marks for performing Mary Had a Little Lamb perfectly)
  • Showmanship: was the talent enjoyable
  • Dress the part. Costumes/hair: fit song choice (make sure it’s appropriate, and no males dressed as females please)
  • Stage/audience awareness - did you perform so the audience could see what you were doing? Facing the front of stage vs. back.
  • Audience Responsiveness - what kind of reaction did you bring out of the audience

Act Registration:

Register early to claim your song!

Register your act by clicking the black box below and filling in the form.  You will be contacted by the show coordinators to confirm and approve your act.

Registration link to form

Performers Check-In:  

Performer's check-in information will be sent within the week before the performance with your location and room check-in. Performers will sit with their group until they perform. Due to limited seating, the kids are encouraged to return to the rooms with their groups until the winners will be announced. If seating is available, the performers may join their parents to watch the rest of the show.

  • Show Performers - report to the gym as close to 5:15 as possible.    

Inspiration from previous Lip Sync Battles: