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Epic Lip Sync Battle - February 28, 2020


It's time to create an evening of creativity and fun to benefit CVCS and Charger Arts!   You do not need vocal talent to shine in this event.  Join us at the Elementary Gym at 6 pm.  

  • Food: Concessions available for purchase to support Charger Arts. (credit cards accepted) Stay tuned for menu.
  • Free Photo Booth: Use the free photo booth to get your photos taken with the stars of the show. 

Lip Sync Parameters:

  • Time limit - 2-2:30 min.  
  • Song must be approved by the production crew.
  • First Come, First Serve - No Duplicates. 
  • All Props / costumes used in the act must be carried onto and off of the stage with the performers.
  • No men dressed as women, please.  

Who can have an act?

  • Any CVCS student, faculty, staff, family or alumni.  

Competition Categories: 

  • Elementary & Secondary will be judged separately. 
  • Small Group will be judged separately from Large Group numbers.
    • Small Group - 1-3 members
    • Large Group - 4 or more members

Competition Scoring:

BASIC points:

A group can earn up to 10 points per judge for the following:

  • Appropriate/creative song choice,  
  • Lip Sync quality: words understandable, facial expression appropriate to what they were singing
  • Costumes/hair: fit song choice
  • Choreography: interesting, creative, matches song mood, bring words of the song to life
  • Props / Stage Enhancements - did they add to the story? Make words of the song more understandable?
  • Stage/audience awareness - did you perform so the audience could see what you were doing? Facing the front of stage vs. back.
  • Audience Responsiveness - what kind of reaction did you bring out of the audience

BONUS Points: 

Added by the one BONUS judge (not per judge) = Max 20 points. 

  • Overall Creativity - up to 10 bonus points  (reinterpret a song, epic production quality, etc.)
  • Family or Faculty involved - up to 10 points based on their involvement (more points for more extensive involvement or multiple adults).

Act Registration:

There are limited spaces for acts since each show will be limited to 2 hours. Register early to claim your spot and song.  Register your act by clicking the black box below and filling in the form.  You will be contacted by the show coordinators to confirm and approve your act.


Performers Check-In:  

Check-in with your act supervisor and sit in the far left section of chairs closest to the playground.  You will sit with your group until you perform.  Then you can join your parents in the crowd to watch the rest of the show if you choose.  

  • Elementary Show - report to the gym as close to 5:30 as possible.  
  • Secondary Show - report to the gym as close to 7:00 as possible.  

Inspiration from the 2018 Lip Sync Battle:


$5 / per person

PAY ONLINE in advance - or pay at the door

Students in an act do NOT need a ticket.


To help with the event, please click the sign-up genius to select your volunteer spot or food items you wish to donate.