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Student Leadership

At Cole Valley Christian Schools we believe in giving students opportunities to learn how to mentor and lead so that they are equipped to step out into the world to make a difference in their colleges, work places and mission fields. Jesus modeled servant leadership for us - and that is the heart from where we start. Leading means laying aside your personal time, preferences and agendas to serve others and love them well - being others centered.

Our Middle/High School students have opportunities like serving on the Student Council - planning events, decorating, coordinating assemblies, etc. Select 11th & 12th grade students are asked to plan and lead our retreats for our Middle School students-from transportation arrangements, to speakers, to worship, to small group interactions, to food, and accommodations. High School students also have opportunities to speak to 5th grade students in break out chapels and lead them on the fields of play through our Junior Charger program. 
At the Elementary Campus, our 5th graders have the opportunity to participate in Peer Ministry. From spending their lunch time twice a week engaging our Early Childhood students, to greeting and serving at events, students gain hands on leadership skills.