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Charger MOB

A pack of loyal fans supporting friends & making memories

Our student section is named after the Australian name for a group of horses that run as a loyal pack.  We cheer for our friends regardless of the score because they are incredible people who work hard and leave their hearts on the court, field, course or track in competition.  Sportsmanship and memory making is the goal as we gather together to cheer on our friends.  

In addition to Blue out, Black out, and White out games; the Charger Mob has fun with themes such as Camo, Neon, USA, Superhero, and Hawaiian nights.  All Chargers, from elementary students through our seniors, are welcome to join the Charger Mob student section.  Join us for a game and see the Charger Mob in action.   

Elementary Chargers and Charger parents are welcome to join in our Charger MOB color schemes and themes.  

Charger Fight Song