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Immunization Policy

To help protect your child, and others, from vaccine-preventable diseases, Idaho law requires certain immunizations to be completed before your child may attend school.  The Department of Health and Welfare provides the following guide to immunizations required for school entry: 

Idaho law allows a parent/guardian to claim an exemption for their child from the state school immunization requirements for medical, religious, or other reasons.  If you would like to exempt your child you may complete an Idaho School Immunization Requirements Exemption form or provide a signed written statement that includes the name of the child, birthdate, and type of exemption being claimed (religious or other). For a medical exemption, you must provide a certification signed by a licensed physician stating the medical reason the child cannot be immunized.  If an exemption is submitted and there is an outbreak of the disease for which the exemption is signed, the exempted student will be excluded from school for the period deemed necessary by public health officials.

Proof of required immunizations or an exemption must be given to school personnel before your child may attend school.

See the Department of Health and Welfare website for additional information regarding Idaho’s immunization requirements for school entry.