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Nurses Corner

Elementary School Nurse: 
947-1212, option 1 (Elementary Campus) x 4105
Secondary School Nurses:
947-1212, option 2 (Secondary Campus)

Important Note from the School Nurses (1/7/2016)

  • Sick of being sick with a cold?

Then it's time to learn some cold prevention techniques. It's not hard to prevent a cold. You just need to learn and use some new behaviors and lifestyle habits, every day. Here is how you can stay well.

Prevent Colds With Frequent Hand Washing              

Your best protection from the common cold and flu is frequent hand washing. Amazingly, about 80% of contagious diseases are transmitted by touch. But the simple friction that occurs when you rub skin against skin while using warm water and soap followed by thorough rinsing and drying can get rid of potentially harmful germs.

While germs are often transferred to others through household objects -- telephones, doorknobs, toothbrushes, and faucet handles -- the biggest transportation center for germs is your hands. That's why frequent hand washing gets rid of the illness-causing germs and helps to prevent the spread of some diseases -- especially if a family member, friend, or classmate has a cold or flu virus.

Colds are spread mainly through respiratory droplets of coughs and sneezes when someone has a cold. But many times, we unknowingly touch these miniscule droplets of cold germs on surfaces and then infect ourselves with the same cold virus. Some viruses and bacteria can live several hours on hard surfaces like cafeteria tables, telephone receivers, computer keyboards, and doorknobs. Cold prevention with hand washing can keep you from passing on cold viruses -- and picking up viruses on surfaces in your environment.

      9 Natural Tips to Help Prevent a Cold:

#1 Wash Your Hands Frequently                                                                     

#2 Don't Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs With Your Hands

#3 Don't Touch Your Face

#4 Do Aerobic Exercise Regularly

#5 Eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables

#6 Stop Smoking

#7 Cut Alcohol Consumption

#8 Relax

#9 Stay Hydrated (drink lots of water)


      7 Natural Ways to Remedy a Cold:

#1 Use Steam (shower, humidifier)

#2 Use Saline Nasal Spray or Rinse (Neti Pot or OTC saline sprays)

#3 Drink Hot Liquids

#4 Stay Warm and Rested

#5 Gargle with Warm Salt Water

#6 Apply Hot or Cold Packs Around Your Congested Sinuses

#7 Sleep With an Extra Pillow Under Your Head

* Keep sick kids at home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever of 100 degrees or higher.

Keeping students, with a fever, at home will reduce the number of others who may get infected


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