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Medication Administration Policy

Cole Valley Christian Schools are concerned about the health of every student and recognize the importance of administering student medication in a safe, reliable and timely manner.

In accordance with Idaho Code 33-520, a student who is permitted to self-administer medication for a potentially life-threatening condition, shall be permitted to possess and use such medication. These medications include an inhaler for asthma or other potentially life-threatening respiratory illnesses, an epinephrine auto-injector for severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), and diabetic medication for diabetes. If your student needs to self-administer medication for any of these conditions, notify the school nurse or health technician on your student’s campus and request the Contract for Self-Carried Medication form

Prescription medication to be administered by the health office must be in the original container labeled by the pharmacy with the student's name, current date, dosage, and clear directions. A Medication Consent Form must be filled out and signed by the parent. Contact the school nurse or health technician on your student’s campus for this form.

The school nurse, health technician, or trained school personnel will assist with the administration of all medications, prescription or nonprescription, except as indicated above when a student is given specific permission to self-medicate. Each campus carries several over the counter medications for students. Parents must provide permission in the online Enrollment Packet for each new student or the annual online Recommitment Packet for each returning student for any over the counter medications allowed.

Click here to see MEDICAL FORMS available online.